Dairy Workers' Training Module I: Milking Skills

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This module is designed to improve milking efficiency and herd health by teaching the steps of a good milking routine. This module explains the reasons for following a milking routine, the importance of the steps of the routine and the importance of cleanliness to herd health. The CD includes both English and Spanish.

Table of Contents:
Section 1-Introduction

  • Overview of Milking Skills
  • Program Description, Goals & Objectives
  • Getting Ready for Training

Section 2-Teaching Materials

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Evaluation
  • Presentation Notes
  • Evaluation
  • Teaching Outline

Section 3-Handouts

  • CMT Handout
  • Handouts (ppt)

Section 4-Additional Resources

  • CMT FactSheet
  • Impact of Udder Cleanliness on Milk Quality
  • Taking Sterile Milk Samples
  • Udder Hygiene Chart
  • Tail Docking in Dairy Cattle

For more information about the Dairy Worker Training Modules Program, view the program brochure.

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