Guide to Identifying Plant Disease Symptoms

SKU A8MI1592

Author(s) Christine Stephens, Anne Hartung, Patrick Hart, Michael Mispagel

How do you know whether that leaf discoloration is a cosmetic issue like sun-scald or the first sign of a serious plant disease? This 8-page fact sheet offers a richly illustrated guide to the 34 symptoms and signs generally associated with plant disorders (8 pages).

Symptoms illustrated: blotch, canker, bronzing, chlorosis or yellowing, callus, cracking, cupping, curling, damping off, dieback, dwarfing, proliferation, gall, halo, herbicide injury, hydrosis, leaf or needle drop, lodging, mummification, necrosis, marginal necrosis or scorch, mosaic, powdery mildew, reddening, rot, rugosity, russetting, rust, scab, smut, streak, wilting.