Dairy Workers' Training Module III: Calf Management Skills

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The Calf Management Skills module will help you improve your skills in caring for newborn calves. The CD contains two Powerpoint presentations, one on developing the calf rumen and the other outlining best practices in calf care. The module also contains information on colostrum handling, processing the newborn calf and calf disease prevention. CD includes English and Spanish.

Table of Contents
Section 1-Introduction

  • Overview of Calf Management Skills
  • Program Description, Goals & Objectives
  • Getting Ready for Training

Section 2-Teaching Materials

  • Teaching Outlines
  • Presentation Notes
  • Sample Program Flier
  • Evaluation
  • Program Certificate

Section 3-Handouts

  • Utilizing the Handouts
  • Processing the Newborn Calf
  • Harvesting & Storing Colostrum
  • Thawing & Feeding Colostrum
  • Testing Colostrum Quality
  • Feeding with an Esophageal Tube Feeder
  • Identifying the Calf Ear Tagging
  • BVD Ear Notch Test
  • Tail Docking
  • Dehorning
  • Protocol for Daily Monitoring of Calves for Disease
  • Taking a Calf's Temperature
  • Calf Health Scoring
  • Respiratory Exam
  • Assessing Dehydration
  • Equipment Cleaning & Storage
  • Knee Test for Bedding Cleanliness & Comfort

Section 4-Additional Resources

  • Additional Resources
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Colostrum Handling & Storage
  • Feeding Colostrum
  • The Use of Cadaver Heads to Teach Esophageal Tube Feeding
  • Passive Transfer 101
  • What's Bugging the Calves
  • Scours
  • Common Diarrhea Pathogens
  • Bovine Viral Diarrhea
  • Proper Injection Sites
  • Equipment Cleaning & Storage
  • Rumen Development
  • "Developing the Rumen...Developing the Heifer" PowerPoint Presentation

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