Giving Old Barns New Life Series

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Delve into the history of Wisconsin farmsteads with this popular series.

Ethnic History and Beauty of Old Barns (G3660-01) Almost anywhere you travel in Wisconsin you'll see a barn. These farmstead structures stand as silent reminders of the state's history and contribute their rustic beauty to the rural landscape. Learn about the people and customs behind these hallmarks of the Wisconsin countryside (16 pages).

Wisconsin's Changing Farmsteads (G3660-02) Though the reasons they were built may have vanished long ago, Wisconsin's old barns still reflect part of the state's character. By visiting them and understanding how they were used, we can recount our history as agricultural people (16 pages).

Barns and Barn Preservation-A Bibliography (G3660-03) An annotated guide to information on the history, design, and preservation of Wisconsin's historic farm buildings. Includes many wonderful old photos (20 pages).

Silos: An Agricultural Success Story (G3660-04) Wisconsin has more silos than any other state, and they can rightly be viewed as symbols of the dairy industry development. These structures chronicle the geographic range of Wisconsin dairying and graphically illustrate the changes in farm buildings over the years, serving as markers of the state cultural heritage. Find out more about Wisconsin's historic silos reading with this detailed publication (20 pages).