Housing and the Community (03-16-2016)

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Housing and the Community (03-16-2016): Housing plays a significant role in community development. Housing conditions set the stage for further investment in this vital portion of your municipality tax base. This program teaches how housing impacts your municipality tax base, service delivery, and the impacts that positive or negative housing values may have on your community. The program examines ways you may be able to better frame housing issues in your community, as well as illustrate the importance and benefits of effective housing policies. The program also explores local housing policies in the context of recent changes to the federal Fair Housing laws.

Approximate length of program: 93 minutes
PDF length: 47 pages
PDF size: 827.29 KB

Presented by: Karl Green, Community Natural Resource and Economic Development Educator, UW-Extension, La Crosse County; Brian Ohm, J.D., Land Use Law Specialist, Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning, UW-Madison/Extension.  

System requirements: High speed internet connection, sound card with speakers or headphones, recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome, and recent version of Adobe Flash Player.

Accessing the program: As soon as payment has cleared, you'll be able to download the PDF file through your Learning Store account.

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