Loosen Up! With Stretches and Body Mechanics


Author(s) Bill Wright, Community Gardening Coordinator, UW-Extension, Cooperative Extension, Brown County

Physical activities such as gardening provide numerous benefits, particularly for those with arthritis by assisting with overall health, muscle strength, balance, and endurance.

You can use the stretches described here to get in shape for vigorous aerobic exercise, to keep active on days when you're not exercising, or as part of a warm-up or cool-down when gardening. Join Julie C. Vosters, ERYT, Yoga Therapist and Anusara-Inspired Yoga TeacherTM as you discover body mechanics to reduce the stress on your joints and muscles. Practicing these techniques will improve your range of motion to help make gardening more enjoyable.

Also included on this DVD are suggested resources to help you manage your arthritis. Books, classes, and a kit of materials are available: Wisconsin Arthritis Foundation Self-Management Course; Run time: 30 min., 32 sec.; Closed caption.

Wisconsin Arthritis Program: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/

Production: UW-Cooperative Extension Distance Education/Digital Media Unit