Wisconsin Bee Identification Guide

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Author(s) Patrick J. Liesch, Christy Stewart, Christine Wen.

More than 24 color photographs plus descriptions will help you identify a dozen different bees commonly found throughout Wisconsin. Details include information on body size and segments, coloration, nesting habits, pollen-carrying characteristics, and foraging behavior (12 pages; 2017).

Species depicted:

  • Honey bee (Apis mellifera)
  • Bumble bee (Bombus sp.)
  • Leafcutter bee (Megachile sp.)
  • Small carpenter bee (Ceratina sp.)
  • Sweat bee (Halictidae sp.)
  • Long-horned bee (Melissodes sp.)
  • Mining bee (Andrena sp.)
  • Squash bee (Peponapis pruinosa)
  • Mason bee (Osmia sp.)
  • Cellophane bee (Colletes sp.)
  • Masked bee (Hylaeus sp.)
  • Carder bee (Anthidium sp.)
  • Cuckoo bee (Nomadinae sp.)