Wisconsin Lakes Trivia Game

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Can a loon dive 200 feet deep? Can a single chemical turn a whole lake green?

You'll learn the answers to these puzzlers, and to hundreds more, when you play the Wisconsin Lakes Trivia Game. A colored die will tumble you into a multitude of mysteries about the leisure life, wildlife, ecology, and history of Wisconsin lake country . . . and colorful trivia cards will reveal all. Wisconsin Lakes Trivia Game is the perfect pastime for evenings at the lake cabin. The rolling die will startle you and make you wonder...what famous gangster of the thirties had a shootout on Little White Star Lake? Are jellyfish found in Wisconsin waters? 

Game includes 1 colored die, 1 instruction sheet, 1 score pad, and 102 trivia cards. 

We're proud to announce that this game won the 2013 Quality of Communication Team Award from the Wisconsin Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP). 

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