Cómo asegurarse de que la familia tenga donde cobijarse

SKU B3459-05S

Author(s) Linda Boelter, Joan E. LeFebvre.

Keeping a roof overhead is a major concern if you are living with a reduced income. When you rank your bills in order of importance, chances are housing will be at or near the top of the list. Housing expenses - rent or mortgage and property tax payments, utility bills, insurance, maintenance and repair - usually take the largest portion of most family budgets.

When your income drops or you are dealing with financial problems, careful planning can help you avoid losing your house or being evicted from your rental unit. This fact sheet, part of the Cómo arreglárselas cuando no tiene trabajo series, offers tips and resources that can help you stay in your home (6 pages; 2006).

This publication is also available in English as Managing Between Jobs: Keeping a Roof Overhead (B3459-05).