Cómo ayudar a los niños a sobrellevar las dificultades

SKU B3459-12S

Author(s) Carolyn M. Krueger, Linda A. Boelter.

Unemployment can mean sudden lifestyle changes for the entire family. Because there is less money to spend, you must decide how to spend what there. This may mean other family members must find jobs. You may have less family time together while looking for jobs.

Adults frequently become preoccupied and can forget unemployment has emotional and financial impacts on their children. Whatever changes unemployment brings, all family members feel the impact. This fact sheet, part of the Cómo arreglárselas cuando no tiene trabajo series, provides tips for discussing and managing these feelings and concerns as a family (2 pages; 2006).

This publication is also available in English as Managing Between Jobs: Helping Children Cope (B3459-12).