Commercial Vegetable Production in Wisconsin—2022

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Author(s) J. B. Colquhoun, S. A. Chapman, A. J. Gevens, R. L. Groves, D. J. Heider, B. M. Jensen, G. R. W. Nice, M. D. Ruark, Y. Wang.

This publication is under revision. The 2023 guide will be available to view online in December 2022. Printed guides will be available for purchase in January 2023.

This guide offers the latest recommendations for disease, insect, and weed management in Wisconsin's most common commercial vegetable crops. Also included are lime and fertilizer recommendations as well as insect identification information and keys (333 pages; 2021).

Crops covered include asparagus, bean, carrot, celery, cole crops, cucumber, eggplant, hops, horseradish, leafy greens, melon, mint, onion, pea, pepper, potato, pumpkin & squash, sweet corn, table beet, and tomato.