Wisconsin Land Use Megatrends: Climate Change

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Author(s) Anna Haines, Lynn Markham, Dan McFarlane, Eric Olson, Rebecca Roberts, Linda Stoll.

This summary of global warming and resulting climate change in Wisconsin is presented with the help of maps and charts that show the flow of world greenhouse emissions, the rate of long-term temperature change, the rate of long-term precipitation change, and the predicted response of Wisconsin forests to expected climate change. The authors discuss how Wisconsin weather is likely to change in the course of this century, how flora and fauna adapt to a changing climate, how climate changes may affect the economics of Wisconsin agriculture, forestry, and tourist industries, and how predicted changes pose planning problems for engineers and policy-makers who must (for instance) decide whether to spend money today to build infrastructure that will handle predicted—but not certain—huge rainfalls in a far-off tomorrow (16 pages; 2009).