Conifers Disorders: Sphaeropsis Shoot Blight and Canker

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Author(s) M. F. Heimann, G. R. Stanosz

Sphaeropsis shoot blight and canker, formerly known as Diplodia, is a serious disease of many pine species and other conifers. It has attracted considerable attention in Wisconsin since the late 1970s and has caused severe damage in more recent years. Sphaeropsis kills many of the growing points on branches, which eventually leads to the death of the branches. Austrian pine is a commonly affected ornamental, but the disease also damages red, jack, Scotch, and mugo pines. Other conifers, including cedars, cypresses, firs, spruces, and junipers may also be affected. This fact sheet details the disorder's life cycle and the damage it causes and offers effective treatment options (2 pages; 1996).