Wisconsin Land Use Megatrends: Transportation

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Author(s) Anna Haines, Lynn Markham, Dan McFarlane, Eric Olson, Rebecca Roberts, Linda Stoll.

How much time do you spend traveling to work, school, and recreational pursuits? How do you and other people in your community get from one place to another? How are goods transported in your community and throughout the state? What percent of your family budget is spent on transportation? How much does your community spend on road construction, maintenance, and snow removal? What is the impact of transportation on individuals, businesses, communities, the environment, and the state?

In this edition of Megatrends, we address these and other questions by taking a closer look at statewide land use and transportation trends. We provide a timeline of Wisconsin’s transportation history and discuss how people and goods move around, how different users rely on the transportation system, and the impact of transportation on the economy, environment, and human health. Through case studies, we examine how land use and transportation policies can be used to shape local communities. Lastly, we look at emerging trends likely to take hold in the future (16 pages; 2017).