Harvesting Firewood from Your Woods


Author(s) William Klase, Kris Tiles.

Which trees yield the best firewood? What are the steps in properly harvesting trees? How about splitting and stacking? Does how you do it affect the quality of the firewood later on?

How and when you cut your trees for firewood affects not just the quality of your fuel but the long-term health and productivity of your woodlot or woodlands. Harvesting Firewood from Your Woods, a joint publication of UW-Extension and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI-DNR), walks you through basic tree and forest biology and on through planning your harvest and processing your bounty.

An essential primer for anyone harvesting wood for the long term, this publication also explains the factors that favor the growth of various trees, for those with a preference (applewood-smoked bacon, anyone?) for a given species (20 pages; 2012; Reviewed in 2022).


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