Climate Change and Agricultural Extension - Executive Summary

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Author(s) Lois Wright Morton, Linda S. Prokopy, J. Gordon Arbuckle, Chad Ingels, Marilyn Thelen, Robert Bellm, Dennis Bowman, Laura Edwards, Charles Ellis, Russ Higgins, Todd Higgins, Deana Hudgins, Richard Hoormann, Jon Neufelder, Brian Overstreet, Angie Peltier, Hans Schmitz, Jan Voit, Catherine Wegehaupt, Shawn Wohnoutka, Richard Wolkowski, Lori J. Abendroth, Jim Angel, Tonya Haigh, Chad Hart, Jenna Klink, Cody Knutson, Rebecca Power, Dennis Todey, Melissa Widhalm.

University researchers and a team of university extension and outreach educators came together to assist Corn Belt agriculture's capacity to adapt to and assist in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

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View an excerpt from the 40-page technical report entitled Climate Change and Agricultural Extension (2 pages; 2016) below.


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