Herbicide Effectiveness on Invasive Plants in Wisconsin—2013

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Author(s) Mark Renz.

Based on research and field observations, this publication highlights the effectiveness of 35 herbicides on 32 different invasive plants commonly found in fields enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Wisconsin, all in a sturdy fold-out poster form for easy reference (4 pages; 2012). 

Plants listed include: burdock, Canada goldenrod, Chinese lespedeza, common tansy, crown vetch, curly dock, dames rocket, field bindweed, garlic mustard, giant hogweed, giant ragweed, hawkweeds, hill mustard, Japanese hedge parsley, Japanese knotweed, knapweeds, multiflora rose, phragmites, poison hemlock, purple loosestrife, Queen Anne lace, reed canary grass, spurge (leafy and cypress), sweet clover (white and yellow), teasel (cut-leaf and common), thistle (bull, Canada, marsh, musk, and plumeless), wild chervil, and wild parsnip. 

Note: The printed version of this chart is a poster printed on sturdy paper that folds to 8.5" x 11" and opens to 11" x 17". The PDF prints out as four 8.5" x 11" pages, including the front and back covers.