Screw Press Separation of Manure

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Author(s) Rebecca A. Larson, Horacio A. Aguirre-Villegas, Mahmoud A. Sharara, Joseph Sanford, Zong Liu, Linda Schott.

Screw press separators can divide a single by-product stream into a solid and liquid stream to improve handling and management. These processing systems are commonly used in manure handling systems but can be used for management of many organic streams. For example, a wet digestion system that accepts food waste may also integrate the technology following anaerobic digestion. Regardless of the application, screw press separators are more efficient in removing solids from manure slurry streams (greater than four percent total solids or dry matter content) than with more dilute liquid manure streams. The systems are known to improve manure handling as well as reduce environmental impacts of livestock systems (4 pages; 2021).