Toward a Sustainable Community: A Toolkit for Local Government (Vol. 2)

SKU G3977-02

Author(s) Jessica Beckendorf, Laura Brown, Ross Dudzik, Anna Haines, Jerry Hembd, Dave Liebl, Jay Moynihan, Erin Peot, Jim Resick, William Risse, Diana Hammer Tscheschlok, Joe Van Rossum.

This guide provides strategies that local governments can implement to move toward a sustainable future. These practices can save money, increase employment, improve environmental quality, and enhance community well-being.

Volume 2 focuses on government functions that directly affect a community. Topics include climate change, air quality management, land use, water, land and water conservation, parks and recreation, cemeteries, economic development, local food systems, and solid waste. An overview of the Natural Step sustainability framework, case studies from emerging eco-municipalities, and numerous resources are also provided (54 pages; 2013).

For information on building sustainability in additional functions of local government, see Toward a Sustainable Community, Volume 1 (G3977-01).